New in November


Oh dear- that was cheesy wasn’t it?! I’m new to this blogging malarkey, so please bear with me!

I  always enjoyed writing as a child and then came up with the idea for this blog earlier on this year. I put it off for a while and then was struck by the thought that there would be space for my ramblings and ideas in the blogosphere.

If you are curious as to the name of the blog- then let me elaborate further! As a child, I was always wanting to chill out and take things slowly as my family was tell you, and that didn’t change as I got older!

Want to know more about me? Well- I love being cosy and warm, hate walking and exercise, which surprises people when they find out that I live in the Lake District! I am originally from southern England and moved to The Lakes in 2015- where I live with my lovely hubby Peter and our fur baby Deidre! I have worked in boarding schools and retail. I am currently a beauty advisor for a local artisan beauty company in the Lakes.

This blog will be where I will share my thoughts and ideas, as well as the ocassional tips and recommendations.

Please don’t be shy- any recommendations or things that you’d like me to write about let me know!

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