The Lazy Girls Guide To Christmas

All you need is love!!

As we approach the Christmas period, I am reminded about all the things that I have got to be thankful for. I have a wonderful husband in Peter, my parents and my parents-in-law. I have the best brother in Jamie, and a wonderful sister in law Kiran and my cute as a button nephew Benjamin. I am also thankful for my loving and supportive sister and brother-in-law Suz and Jez.

December 2017 is a truly magical month for me with my second wedding anniversary, Christmas and 10 days off! I love that December is a time for family, friends and presents.

However, if I am honest, I saw myself heading into adulthood an old maid with at least 10 cats ( all named after characters from musicals.)

It wasn’t until I met Peter that I was able to stop viewing Christmas as mostly about presents and a splash of family time ( for those members of my family reading this, I do apologise and yes I do know how selfish I sound!)

Peter added a new dimension to Christmas- for which I’ll always be grateful for. He opened my eyes and my heart again. In the last few years, I’ve shown myself the delights to be found in giving. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved the process of picking and giving presents for others, but for me seeing my friends and family fall in love and ‘finding their lobster’ over the years put a small dampener on Christmas. For the last few years, it seemed that each family gathering were filled with sympathetic looks and pats on my back as I edged further into spinsterhood!

In all honesty, you all owe Peter a debt of thanks because he turned my coldness to Christmas into a warm toasty glow.

The gift of giving was restored!

This post is possibly a massive ramble for you all to read but I guess what I am trying to say is remember to look at the joy in Christmas, the joy in choosing presents, the joy in giving presents, and the joy in the faces of those you love.

For a wee while there, I forgot to look for the joy but in finding Peter, I found my joy again, particularly in Christmastime.

Thank you Peter!

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