Here’s Abbey

Disclaimer- if you did not read that in the voice of Jack Nicholson, then you don’t have my permission to read on!

😂 Only joking!!

Recently i decided to devote more time to my blog, which coincidentally is what I said when I started first started this blog!! It would seem that life has well and distracted me, but after a recent conversation with my best friend I am very much inspired to start again. I may fail but I will get back up again and keep going with it.

For those who have followed me from the beginning- thank you! It means the very world to me. To those who have just joined us- welcome to you!

I am a wee bit crazy but I am very lovable ( most of the time- just ask my long suffering husband!) I hope that you will join me on my new adventures.

I started my book club in April 2018 and I will be continuing on with that, once I have decided on which one of my many, many books to read next.

A new feature that I am going to be introducing is “This week I’m ………….” which will give you an insight into my week and what I’ve been up to. There will ,of course , be photos because of course ‘photos or it didn’t happen!’ Unless the photos are far too embarrassing to show you!

Honestly, I am extremely excited to get back to it, if not a little apprehensive as to how it will all go!

I’ll see you all on Monday, for the first instalment of “This week I’m ………”

I hope that you all are enjoying your weekends!

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