This Week I’m …….


I have been feeling incredibly grateful this week for many reasons. For friends. For family and for Peter.

I have an admission to make here as the instalment for this weeks post is technically two weeks in one post but since so much has happened, I didn’t want to miss anything out!

These past few weeks have been very busy! We have traveled down to Birmingham and back again to visit my lovely parents in law, had them stay at our new house and we have also had Liam stay for a week.

On the 21st May, we left Cumbria on a very sunny and hot Monday evening and headed to Birmingham where we arrived quite late but we didn’t mind as we had our usual car karaoke session! Sorry to embarrass you Peter but we were made for the stage! Well I was anyway!

The next few days were filled with lots of laughter and love. We went into Bewdley with Peter’s parents and his sister and our little niece. We had a lovely little picnic by the river next to some angry geese! After a little wander around the town and a stroll by the river, we went back to have a delicious roast where we were joined by Jez to complete the family reunion.

The next few days weren’t as exciting as the previous days as we travelled back to Cumbria and then headed back to work for the next few days. Boring I know! Our evenings however were brilliant as we got to spend more time with Peters parents 😍

On Monday the 28th of May, Liam arrived for a weeks stay at Hotel Millwood, where he was warmly received. The next day was a busy one! We had lots of visitors in the form of my parents and my grandparents who wanted to have a nosy around our new abode.

We said a quick goodbye to them all and headed off for a day of adventuring into Lancaster where we browsed the shops and bought a picnic and headed off to a “park” which was lovely as we basked in the summer heat and sat on a grassy knoll in the “park” However next time, I think I’ll stick to a park bench eh Peter? πŸ˜‚

Tuesday evening, we headed over to the lovely little village of Elterwater to have a meal with my grandparents and parents. We all had a really lovely time in the Cumbrian sunshine in the garden, reminiscing, catching up and creating some new memories.

Wednesday was my favourite day! Sorry everyone! We went to the Lakeland Safari Oasis to hang out with the wildlife. The snow leopard was my highlight as it came up to the glass and had a good gawp! After spending a few hours with the monkeys and the meerkats we decided it was time for lunch, so it was off to Sizergh barn for some lunch! Yummy! After lunch, we went and dropped Peters parents off at the station before heading back home for some relaxation.

Unfortunately Thursday’s arrival meant that it was time to head back to work and sell, sell, sell!

Peter and I were sad to see our last guest , Liam, leave on Friday morning after a two week spell of having people staying. However, we are looking forward to our next guests arriving in July!

In the meantime, I will see you all next Monday, for the next instalment of ‘This week I’m……………’

Have an absolutely wonderful week!

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