This Time Next Year #2

What a week I have had since I last posted! I have had so many lovely comments and the wealth of support has been amazing!

It has been a hard week! Now I had made some changes already but it was time to make more of them and let me tell you the first few days were terrible! I was so moody and oh so hungry which as many of you will know, that is a bad combination!

It seemed that more effort that I put in, the more crisps and chocolate I craved but I kept going. The determination began to waver when it was time to weigh myself! Stepping on the scales with my heart pounding and my fingers crossed to find that had nothing had been lost. The consolation was that nothing had been gained either.

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I like to strop! I stropped like there was no tomorrow. The sadness and despondency had set in, and i was just stood there wishing for the scales to change, but this is not a Disney movie! They didn’t change no matter how many times you wish upon a star.

I stayed moody for a few hours but then I was very much back on the bandwagon and all was well again, back to the exercise and better food choices which carried on until weigh in day arrived again!

It was the same! Nothing! Nada! Nothing lost but nothing gained again! The even moodier and hungrier Abbey was back! However you will be pleased to know that only for a few moments as after a loving pep talk from Mr Millwood- I felt reenergised and ready to keep going. My confidence was back on track. I have to say that my husband has an amazing way with words!

I was bouncing back once more and I was carrying on with the plan! This time I was even more honest and determined than before. I was shunning chips and Bath buns for salad and yoghurt! ( obviously not together!)

It was soon time to weigh myself again but this time I hopped onto the scales without dread just with hope.

I waited with baited breath to find out that I had LOST ONE POUND! I had actually lost it!! It is here that I must apologise to Mr Millwood as we were supposed to be getting ready to leave the house but I just kept checking it. Again and again and again!

Now I am aware that one pound is not a lot, but to me- that one pound means everything!

That was it! There was movement! Movement!

I am so ready for the week ahead and the challenges I will inevitably face, but you know what?! Bring it on!!

Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who read these posts and to those of you who commented, it means the absolute world to me! Please, please keep it going!

More positive encouragement will be needed this week, and if you have any advice please do let me know!!!

14 thoughts on “This Time Next Year #2

  1. Go Abbey go!
    There’s a saying look after the penny’s and the pounds look after themselves so for you💕💕
    Look after the Pounds and the stones will look after themselves!
    Well done you can do it
    Lots of love
    Adopted Uncle Andrew xxx

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  2. Hi Abbey. Well done you. I would suggest upping the exercise.
    Maybe join a Pilates class or go for a walk every day.
    Buying a Fitbit so it beeps at you & tells you to move.
    Keep going & keep posting xx


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