This Week I’m ………………………………..


Why you may ask? I’m not entirely sure but I have been very tired over the last few weeks.

I have not had a particularly busy two weeks other than working.

I think that the reason that I am tired is due in part to the heat but also to the expectations, the disappointment as well as the excitement that life brings.

Since we have last spoken I have not really done much! It’s been a case of work, eat, sleep, watch Suits and repeat.

The 17th of June was Father’s Day, and this year was the first fathers day that I had spent working and I spent the day feeling incredibly guilty that I was not celebrating with my brilliant dad or my lovely father in law. However, in the evening after work we popped over to my parents to celebrate with my dad!

My dad always has been and always will be one of my biggest inspirations in life.

He always picks me up when I am down, usually with some ridiculous joke or with his goofy smile. He is always on hand with his sage advice, or a huge cuddle when it is needed.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank my daddy for all that he has done for me, and now for Peter too. You’re the best!

It was then back to work for one more day before being off for two days! Yay!

It was time for me to bring out my inner domestic goddess as I blitzed the house whilst performing around 20 musicals all by myself and binge watched Suits- all in all, my weekend was a success!

From the 21st to the 25th of June, it was time for this little busy bee to head back to work. My evenings were spent watching more and more of Suits and drinking tea whilst Peter shouted and cheered at the footie!

I really don’t understand that game- I mean I’ve tried but to no avail! I think for now I’ll just stick to Suits as it’s just safer for all involved.

On Tuesday 26th, Peter and I headed into Kendal to potter and shop in the glorious sunshine. We also had a lovely little picnic in the garden! I know what you are all thinking? Couple goals ❤️😂 in reality, we had to eat inside because it was just TOO HOT!

This brings us back around to today. We went to Holker Hall in Grange-Over-Sands and looked around the stunning house- it really is amazing there! The history of the house fascinated me! I think that I may have to make Holker Hall my new second home, if I ever get tired of Kendal! You know where to find me!

We also explored the vast and beautiful gardens. They are so well kept and lovely to wander around in. You could get lost in the gardens there! We also had a delicious picnic in the sunshine and took in the wonderful view. I’d love to go back there as I feel like we must have missed something!

I feel so refreshed and renewed now more so than the tired and grumpy Abbey that left work on Monday night ( if not more than a little sweaty!)

I am ready to take on the world again!


See you again next week!

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