Creative Challenge

Dear Reader,

Can we talk about creativity really quickly?

Ever had that moment where you have, like, a sudden inspirational flash sat on the sofa and say to yourself “Yes Me, that’s a brilliant idea!” but when it comes to the next day and you try and think of it again, it is like POOF! The idea has floated off to Idea Heaven?!

Can anyone else relate?

I have decided to set myself a little challenge to keep my creative juices flowing so to speak- sounds interesting no?!

What i would like to do is to have someone give me a topic, idea or thought that they would like me to write about? I used to love creative writing and thought that this would be an interesting take on that.

These ideas, topics or thoughts can be on anything but within reason as i am no Oxford or Harvard Scholar! I’d like to start by asking for an idea and word limit ( as anyone who knows me will testify- i am a waffler!)

Soooooooo who wants to go first and give a topic?

Goooooo on, Go on, go on! I dare you!

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