Tread Lightly On My Ground….

Dear Reader,

With much more time on my hands in the last few weeks, i have been able to get back my mojo a little. I didn’t lose it as such, it just went on a little sabbatical. I have discovered my love for podcasts. I have found that my love for music and for writing has been a safe and inspiring place once more.

There is one song or in fact, one line, that i have constantly on repeat in my head. Those who are aware of my taste it music may not surprised to learn that the song is by ABBA- Adante, Adante. (Perhaps those who have seen the second film in the Mamma Mia series would be slightly more familiar with it. )

The line that keeps resonating with me is –

” Andante, Andante
Tread lightly on my ground “

I used google translate (apologies to any of my old language teachers!) for the Italian words and deduced that Andante means walking.

I think that I am drawn to this song or lyric as i think that it maybe describes my state of mind at the moment. People who know me well, will know that i suffer from anxiety. I know that i am not alone in this and that there will be other people who are also feeling a little mixed up too right now.

I would urge those around me, and the wider public to tread lightly on their own ‘grounds’ and of those around them also mainly due to the uncertainty in the world at the moment, but also because no one knows what is going on in other people’s lives.

My virtual door is always open, so if there is anyone out there who would like a chat or text, please just let me know.

Please remember to tread lightly with everyone, whether that is in your work life or in your personal life 🙂

Love to you all x

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