Creativity Challenge- Entry 1

Dear Reader,

As part of the creativity challenge that I set myself, I asked for topics to talk about on here and the first comment was to talk about something I enjoy and why.

I thought about it briefly and came up with a list that was quite long- but the one that that stood out to me more than anything was musical theatre.

Those who know me well will agree!

I love musical theatre! Some may say that I am obsessed, and I would say that i agree!!

There is nothing that thrills me more than watching or listening to a musical. From stage to screen to soundtrack.

The first stage show that I remember seeing is Starlight Express! (though i am sure if i am wrong that my parents will correct me!)

I remember the excitement, the lights and the buzz throughout the audience. Mostly the two things that I remember being given a booster seat as i was just a tiny tot, and being winked at/ waved at by the actor playing Greaseball!

For those of my readers who are unfamiliar with Starlight Express- it is an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical based on trains! Simply put it is old fashioned steam vs modern engines- and the actors and actresses are on roller skates!

To you, it may sound awful but to me, it was and still is amazing!

The soundtrack still remains one of my favourites and I can still recite the lyrics word for word. Rolling Stock, Starlight Express and The Starlight Megamix to name a few.

I owe a lot to Starlight Express.

My love for music and musicals stemmed from there and still grows to this day.

To me- it’s the lights dimming, the first chords of the orchestra and the sudden hush of a live stage show. That feeling, of wonder, suspension of disbelief and music.

From Starlight Expresss to Les Miserables.

Oh, where do I start with Les Mis.

I just love it!

The music, the melodies, the acting.

Les Mis is the next show that I can really remember seeing with my parents ( again, sat on a booster seat!)

From Look Down to the Epilogue- this show is full of incredible singing, acting and ohh the lyrics! Still gives me shivers every time either listening to it or watching it.

From the Phantom of the Opera- which incidently, I am watching now, to Legally Blonde, Mamma Mia, to Wicked- i just adore them!

The feeling of finding a new show, a new soundtrack, a new anthem which becomes a companion for life- that feeling stays with me.

I have fallen in love with soundtracks of shows that I have never seen but still love- Martin Guerre, Waitress, Bonnie and Clyde, Catch Me If You Can, Be More Chill and Six.

I’d like to thank my parents for introducing me to musicals, for always buying me a programme and for listening to me endlessly singing and talking about shows. You introduced me to what i consider one of the great loves in my life! Ohhhh the cheese!

I hope that you have enjoyed my ramblings!

Let me know what you all love and why!

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