This Time Next Year #1

This time next year, I will be a healthy weight.

The past few years have been a huge struggle for me when it comes to my weight. Close friends and my family, you will be aware of that but for those who are not in the ‘circle of trust’ may be surprised.

Over the last 10 years, I have tried numerous diets and followed advice from many people but nothing has stuck, so after years and I mean years of being stuck in a rut- I am doing something about it.

After being inspired by a television show, I decided to take losing the weight seriously and I really hope that it doesn’t find me again!

At the moment of me writing this, I am at the heaviest I have ever been, which I am now not ashamed to admit. However it does upset me to admit that I am that weight. I am a dips and chips and prosecco o’clock gal so for me, this will be an intense struggle, but 26 years old, it is way past due!

I thought about doing this blog series last year but as usual, I got distracted- probably by food! 😂 but mostly because I was ashamed.

In May 2018 after a few false starts I came to the conclusion a new house and a new(ish) job signalled a new start for me. I want to say farewell to the sad tears in the shower and those awful moments in changing rooms when I declare that ‘it looks good but it would look better on someone slimmer, not me.’


It’s time to throw away those fears that I can’t do it and to wave hello to the new Abbey. The happy and healthier Abbey, the one who isn’t afraid of a challenge, the ups and downs of weight loss and who won’t be despondent when the scales show a weight that I’m not happy with.

I have tried, I have failed and given up before, but this time I want to do it. Before it always felt like I was just doing for other people so my heart wasn’t in it. I evidently wasn’t ready to put down the doughnuts.

Over these last few weeks something has changed. I don’t know what but I am loving it! Since arriving back from Crete, I have been making small steps on the road to change, and long may it continue.

My aim with this blog series is to post weekly updates and let those who are interested know what I am thinking and how I am changing. I hope to be able to confident enough to be honest and to document the downs as well as the highs. I wish that with each new post that there will be weight loss so that by this time next year- I will be a new me!

All that is left to say for now is, send me all your positive encouragement! ( but no cookies please😂❤️)

9 thoughts on “This Time Next Year #1

  1. Honey – we all have private battles and this one so many of us can relate to. Well done for starting and sure you’ll keep picking yourself up after the inevitable wobbles and keep going. Lots of love Smarties x

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  2. You have always been amazing. Look forward to hear how you are getting on and encourage you. Everyone has a battle over something but not many are as honest as you to admit it. Go Girls xx

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  3. Love you Abbey
    Looking forward to seeing the beautiful butterfly emerge 🦋
    You are a special and inspiring girl
    Go for it

    Always loving you (and Peter )

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  4. Good for you. Don’t look at it as a diet, but as a change in life. A diet is for a short time, a life change is a new way of eating. I am sure you will reach your goal, you are a very strong + determined person. x

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  5. Go for it Abbey….your strength and determination will carry you through the peaks and troughs that no doubt you will encounter…! Sending positive thoughts! 🙂

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